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Kids explore the stepping-stones in Joseph’s life and how he lived through each one with faith and trust in God. They step out into Joseph’s life starting with the coat of many colors that Joseph receives as a favorite son. They come to learn that through the bad situations in Joseph’s life God was working His good plan.


Through Art, Computer (or no-computer Adaptation), Cooking, Drama, Game, and Movie workshops, children will understand and explore the main concept: God is sovereign over their lives, working for good in the lives of individuals, families, and nations.



As a special enhancement, in each workshop the children will collect a different colored bead to add to their “Pin of Many Colors.” Each bead is a special faith reminder for traveling the stepping-stones of their lives. Also included are Spiritual Journals and an adaptation for churches without computers.



  • Activity: Windsock of Many Colors
  • Story Part: Joseph and the Coat of Many Colors
  • Pin Bead: RED “God Mends Brokenness”
  • Lesson Summary: As children hear the story of Joseph’s multi colored coat, they learn of the conflicting emotions, feelings, and actions present in Joseph’s family. They see how these negative actions by the main characters caused brokenness and separation. Using Joseph’s coat as a model, they examine a variety of colored streamers and identify the feelings and emotions in their families that the colors evoke. They also examine the feelings of separation and isolation caused by tearing the colors apart. While making a “Windsock of Many Colors,” children unite the separate colors to illustrate the beauty present in their families when they are sorry and ask God to mend the broken relationships.
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  • Activity: “Egyptian Times Newspaper”
  • Story Part: The Whole Story
  • Pin Bead: WHITE, means “Give God the Credit”
  • Lesson Summary: Extra, Extra! Read all about it! Children will become reporters by collecting facts of the story and creating news articles for the Egyptian Times. By creating news stories about Joseph in their own words, children will gain a greater understanding of Joseph’s life and how it relates to their own lives. This workshop can be done with or without computers. If you do not have computers in your Sunday School, this computer activity can be adapted to a non-computer format. (See lesson.) This workshop contains separate lessons for primary and intermediate children.
/images/Cooking Image.jpg


  • Activity: Dirt Pudding
  • Story Part: Joseph’s many bad situations
  • Pin Bead:BROWN (means “Don’t Give Up!”)
  • Lesson Summary: Children hear the story of Joseph and identify “crushing times” in Joseph’s life. They also discover the ways Joseph reacted to the bad situations. They learn that Joseph responded to “crushing times” in his life with faith, trust, and a God like attitude. Through a hands-on cooking activity, children learn from their own disappointments to respond with God like attitudes as they make Dirt Pudding from crushed Oreo cookies.
/images/Drama image.gif


  • Activity: Drama “God Will Make It Turn Out For The Best”
  • Story Part: Joseph reunites and forgives his brothers
  • Pin Bead: BLUE, means “Forgiveness”
  • Lesson Summary: Children will step into the shoes of Joseph and his brothers during the drama "God Will Make It Turn Out for the Best." The children will see how Joseph’s complete trust in God helped him face evil and understand God’s overall plan for him. Through a dramatic meditation activity, the children let go of a time they were wronged and forgive that person. The children will understand, as Joseph did, that God can override people’s evil intentions to bring about His intended results.
/images/Game Image.jpg


  • Activity: “Stepping Stones Board Game”
  • Story Part: The whole story
  • Pin Bead: GREEN (means “God’s Plan for Me”)
  • Lesson Summary: Through a time of imagining, children learn that stepping-stones can be solid or slippery. The slippery ones require an attitude of not giving up. Children learn the stepping-stones in Joseph’s life and how he lived through each one with faith and trust in God. Through a board game, children walk Joseph’s stepping-stones and encounter some of their own in the journey. As they collect pebbles with each step they take, they learn faithful responses to the stepping-stones in their lives.


  • Activity: Movie – “Joseph’s Reunion”
  • Story Part: Joseph reunion with his brothers in Egypt
  • Pin Bead: YELLOW, means "God Is Faithful"
  • Lesson Summary: Revenge or forgiveness? As children view the video Joseph’s Reunion, they learn that Joseph chose to forgive his brothers for throwing him in the well and selling him into slavery. Children are given a “cup” of story symbols to identify while viewing the movie. Later they relate the symbols to important and meaningful words in the Joseph’s reunion story.

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